Ribbon Rouge Illustration


I digitally made this ‪‎illustration‬ in support of ‪HIV Edmonton‬ and their fundraising event ‪Ribbon Rouge‬ on November 28, 2015. This year’s theme was ‪Queens‬, to celebrate women who contributed to human rights and HIV causes. 

The queen that I illustrated is Carol Dyantyi, who is a children’s rights activist from Soweto in South Africa. She quit her job to help orphaned children, and eventually adopted over 850 children and started her own charity. Many of these children lost their family to HIV, and call her “Mum Carol”. I used her dress to symbolize the holistic care these children receive and the textile to story tell. I made patterns with African and Western symbols to represent patience, courage, leadership, love and hope. She provides the kids with the essentials such as food and clothing, in addition to education and emotional support. She has helped so many children in Soweto that her dress forms a landscape.

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